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Yin And Yang

Yin and Yang are synonym with black and white, good and bad, hot and cold - the two principles which oppose one another in their actions. They are the two fundamental opposing concepts in Chinese philosophy.

Whatever found in the universe is divided into yin and yang. We have night and day. We have summer and winter. We have man and woman. We have internal and external. We have healthy and diseased. All things follow these principles and that they are related to one another in some way. So are our herbs. Understanding the properties of the herbs will take us further to understand the use of them.

Our human body is divided into Yin and Yang. The fact below shows the interesting concepts:-

  1. When Yin wins a victory, Yang will be diseased
  2. When Yang wins a victory, Yin will be diseased
  3. When Yang wins a victory, you get fever
  4. When Yin wins a victory, you get chill
  5. When Yang is in deficiency, chill sensations in the superficial region
  6. When Yin is in deficiency, internal heat accumulates

Yin signifies internal region VS Yang signifies external region
Yin signifies five viscera VS Yang signifies six bowels
Yin signifies tendons and bones VS Yang signifies skin
Yin signifies storage of energy VS Yang signifies human activities
Yin signifies woman VS Yang signifies man
Yin needs Yang to reproduce VS Yang needs Yin to exist
Yin is like housewife VS Yang is like soldier guarding against foreign intruder
Yin is night VS Yang is day
Yin is moon VS Yang is sun
Yin is cold VS Yang is hot

The energies and flavours of foods are classified into Yin and Yang too.
Yin is cool and cold energies VS Yang is hot and warm energies.
Yin is sour, bitter and salty flavours VS Yang is pungent and sweet flavours.

To cure any diseases, Western medicine uses direct medical approach - cutting off or killing off the diseased part. Chinese uses sedating the excess and toning up the deficiency. Hot diseases were treated by cold herbs (using Yin herbs to treat Yang disease). While cold diseases were treated by hot herbs (using Yang herbs to treat Yin diseases).

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